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The Faculty of Medicine of Sfax is to be (fully) accredited soon…

The Faculty of Medicine of Sfax has been engaged in an accreditation process which makes it the first faculty of medicine in Tunisia to initiate such an undertaking.

The process is not a choice in itself, but an obligation to ensure the sustainability of the institution. Indeed, by 2023 – which is a firm deadline – all the Tunisian faculties of medicine must have obtained their respective accreditations, otherwise their diplomas will no longer be recognized at the international level.

Thus, our institution sought the services of an international organization, The International Association of Medical Colleges – (IAOMC), a non-profit accreditation body which aims to improve medical training all over the world by evaluating and eventually accrediting the medical training programs and courses proposed by different international faculties.

An accrediting committee of 54 members made up of teachers, administrative staff and students was formed. The methodology adopted to prepare the accreditation documents consisted in a detailed assessment of the existing practices, from which all the weaknesses and strengths are to be singled out in order to allow for the necessary corrective measures to be implemented.

More than 3500 hours of cumulated work led to the drafting of two documents: « Data Base Document » and « The Self Study Report».

Following a first visit by five experts from the IAOMC (four of whom are international experts) – which took place between 26th and 29th of September, 2016 – a temporary accreditation was issued to our faculty pending the implementation of the corrective measures as stipulated in the recommendations of the IAOMC.

Thus, the FMS was honored by being the first Tunisian faculty of medicine to be accredited.

Good Luck to our faculty! !