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Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Medicine of Sfax. With its easy and user-friendly features, this site enables its visitors to know more about the faculty, its structures and its activities.

I would like to heartily thank all those who contributed to the smooth running of the Faculty since its creation in 1974. Former deans, Tunisian and French cooperating teachers worked very hard to ensure the scientific and pedagogic development of our institution.

The faculty’s teaching staff, the quasi-totality of whom have studied there, its students and its administrative and technical staff represent its main assets.  Together they constitute the faculty’s human capital and they have always gone to great lengths to guarantee the success of its mission of training and research.

By using its own resources and competencies, and by mastering the new communication and information technologies, the Faculty of Medicine of Sfax has chosen the path of innovation and intelligence, and openness on the local and international levels.

I could not end this address without expressing my gratitude to all the teaching team and the administrative staff who have contributed to the construction of this website which is meant to be a link between the faculty and its environment.  

The dean: Pr. Samy Kmmoun