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Administrative Services :

Student Affairs

This service is in charge of:
registration formalities
providing administrative documents (registration certificates, student cards, certificate of attendance, grade statements, certificates of achievement, etc.)
providing information concerning the programs/syllabi, number of study hours, timetables, course organization, schedules of tutorials and practical studies, exam schedules, etc.


This service is in charge of the organization of the different internships and training courses that a medical student has to accomplish and validate all along his/her years of study at the faculty.

Personnel Administration

This service manages the administrative affairs of the faculty’s personnel among whom there are:
47 administrative staff members
41 technicians
41 laborers

Finance & Procurement Service

This service is responsible for the operations related to the management of the faculty’s annual operating budget. It ensures the acquisition of equipment and products which are necessary for the smooth running of the faculty’s laboratories and research units.

Technical and Maintenance Service

It ensures the maintenance of the electricity network, fluids and the faculty’s premises.

Help Center

The respective departments pay particular attention to the mentoring of the students, and especially to the smooth integration of freshmen from other regions of the country or from other countries. At the center, we listen to the students’ worries and provide suitable assistance to the students who are facing social, psychological and/or health problems. The dean chairs the center’s activities. Its members also include the faculty’s secretary general, teachers, parents and two students who represent their colleagues.

The center’s main responsibilities consist in providing moral comfort for students in distress, and the necessary assistance to help them overcome their problems. Thus, this center’s role is of paramount importance since it represents the link between the (center) faculty and the students so that the latter can find more “human relations” which enables them to feel more self-confident in order to pursue their studies in better conditions.

Sporting and Cultural Activities’ Center

Convinced by the importance of the sporting and cultural activities in the building up and structuring the student’s personality during his/her years of study – and based on the firm belief that a balanced personality cannot be achieved in a purely academic environment – the administration encourages the students to take part in the sporting and cultural activities.

Indeed, the Faculty of Medicine has strongly anchored traditions in the cultural field. The cultural clubs committee, which helped several generations to show their hidden talents, offers the best example. The Foreign Students’ Club, whose activities take up a rather regional dimension, is another example; without forgetting the smaller but not less creative clubs like the Music Club, the Audiovisual Club, the Health and First Aid Club etc.

The sporting events are organized by the faculty’s sporting association. In order to ensure an excellent coaching for our students, we have 3 full-time physical education teachers. They offer each student the possibility of participating in different sports activities according to his/her wishes and physical abilities.

The students with outstanding physical abilities are selected and coached in order to improve their performances. The different trophies and medals won by our athletes are the best illustration of our students’ achievements.